Kay Green Design Gives Back

Kay Green Design Gives Back

September 30th, 2013

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What a great way to start the week! This morning, our team was beyond inspired when we opened an email newsletter from our client and award-winning interior design firm, Kay Green Design. With many pieces of furniture in their warehouse from model home staging, the design team donated their time and furnishings to one woman who lost everything to a home fire. Here’s the excerpt from their newsletter. 

“After losing her home to a fire, Nancy was starting over at 75 years old. After many tears and a few phone calls later, Kay Green Design was loading up a borrowed trailer with all the furnishings her new home needed. Now, Nancy has a fully furnished home where she can focus on putting her life back together and enjoying family.

Today, in 2013, we at Kay Green Design feel blessed. We are thankful for our amazing clients and friends, and for the work we do. We believe one of our responsibilities is to give back, and are grateful for the opportunities to do so. We receive all sorts of requests, from a landlord with a tenant family sharing only one bed, to families who have lost everything in a fire.

With industry pricing and random pieces of furniture in our warehouse, we are able to fill a need many others cannot. Perhaps you would like to help? You may have a model you are shutting down, have a few random pieces of your own, or maybe you want to volunteer your time on our next project.

There are many ways you could contribute to the great causes that cross our path, and we think you would feel as grateful as we do with each project accomplished. At one of our first repurposed installs, we hired movers to help, and at the end of the day they all offered their time for free! One mover even asked, ‘How do you get those gigs? I would like to do this more.’ That says it all!”