Power Marketing specializes in creating all the tools your homebuilding business needs.

Homebuyers know purchasing a new house is likely the most important financial investment they will ever make. As a homebuilder, you understand exactly what their completed home will look like. Unfortunately, buyers simply don’t have your experience or vision. By providing realistic renderings you have the ability to visually convey to your clients what has only lived in their imagination.

Floor Plans
A wide selection of professionally designed floor plans will attract buyers to your website like bears to honey! Homebuyers love to visualize how they will use the space provided by viewing your floor plans. It’s crucial to present clear, detailed, professionally drawings of all the floor plans your company offers. We are even able to provide you with customizable floor plans so homebuyers can move, adjust and tweak the space to their exact specifications.

Plat Tables
Your sales center is incomplete without a visually stunning plat table. These customized floor displays are not only one of the best tools your salesperson can utilize to impress buyers, it also provides a centralized talking point to show off your community, available lots and future phases. The professional look and quality of your plat table is crucial—buyers will remember the personal conversation they had viewing the community design well after their visit.

Builder Displays
From ceiling to floor banners, high quality photography through stylized printed takeaways, Power Marketing is able to create all the collateral you need to leave a lasting impression. Whether you require an eye-popping display welcoming homebuyers to your community or a billboard design to create buzz and maximize exposure, our professional design team is ready to produce amazing results.

Sales Centers
Today’s homebuyers expect more from your sales center than a salesperson sitting behind a desk with only brochures and a calculator. It’s imperative to engage your visitors from the second they enter the door. Professional photography, customized videos and touch screen computer kiosks are just some of the new technologies your homebuilding sales center must incorporate to engage your buyers. Classic wall design logos, 3D lettering, location maps as well as your company’s history displayed prominently let your clients immediately realize they’ve chosen the right builder.

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